Ladies of the Light
Ladies of the Light
Ladies of the Light

Sacred Space for Aboriginal Indigenous Healing

Where Spirituality and Self-Mastery ReUnite.

About Us

Ladies of the Light is a community of empowered women of purpose on a mission to serve the collective wellness of the world. It is our mission to create safe space for healers, light bearers and wellness practitioners, as well as those seeking personal growth and healing. We are here to show you the way to optimal health and wellbeing.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between those who know they have the power to heal themselves and those seeking to be healed. Ladies of the Light seeks to raise awareness of the original healers and offerings of our Ancestors, while providing resources for our members and individuals holistically.

Founding Mother

Ladies of the Light was founded in 2015 by Divine Minister Sah'Rah Ma'at Bey

"The mastering of emotions help ReAwaken the higher self, bringing alignment into self-mastery and manifesting all that we wish in this physical plane of consciousness." -Sah'Rah Ma'at Bey

Our Practitioners

Ladies of the Light offers varying levels of membership engagement for wellness practitioners as well as individuals who are committed to holistic wellness and spiritual ascension.  

As a member of Ladies of the Light network you can gain access to dynamic wellness practitioners, personal and professional development courses, workshops, lectures, events and sacred ceremonies. 

Together Ladies of the Light is here to uplift one another through shared experiences without judgement.

At Sista Sistah Healing Online Group Mentoring Program we are committed to helping our young ladies, ages 5-18, in the areas of personal growth & development as we heal/grow mind, body, and spirit. By creating safe space for healthy self expression, provide resources to our youth & their families, and be a guide to help our youth tap into their strengths. Showing the way to optimal health, self-care, and well-being. 

We will give them opportunities to: 

LEARN about future opportunities to develop leadership skills. 

HEAL by demonstrating the importance of relationships not only with Self, but with their families, friends, and community. 

GROW by expecting our youth to be an active participant within the group, such as, attending their weekly meetings, keeping open communication, and doing volunteer work within their surrounding community weekly (which includes, but not limited to, doing something helpful for their families).

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Ladies of the Light derives its power and authority from the Great cultural and ancestral heirs and descendants’ practices given from the Most High Creator and Sustainer of the Universe as the foundation and healers of the Nations. Ladies of the Light is imbued and endowed to propagate and extend the learning and practices of the faith, principles, and practices of the ancient ancestral heritage through bloodline as aboriginal Indigenous people. Therefore, we have the authority to appoint, affirm and confirm practitioners through our mission, ministry and outreach.

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